NSU Student Center and Godwin Hall
CLIENT: Norfolk State University
Norfolk, Virginia

The Student Center and connecting Godwin Hall at NSU is a vibrant new hub and meeting place for the campus: an 84,500-square-foot building with connecting bridge to the new 56,000-square-foot Godwin Hall. The design creates a gateway from the residential spaces of the campus to the academic spaces and central quad, providing common gathering space for students and faculty alike. The two buildings have become the main anchor of the campus, facing the new central quad at the heart of the University.

The project began with the demolition of the original 1967 student commons and redesign of a 2006 building plan. Tymoff+Moss worked within the contraints of the 2006 footprint to minimize impact to the site and to expedite the construction and permitting process, while completely revising the exterior style and interior configuration of the building. The building contains large meeting rooms, multipurpose room/auditorium, food court and dining area, and open indoor and outdoor lounge space. Two unique features are the two-story bookstore and indoor/outdoor stage, with a retractable glass door that opens up to allow for performances viewed from the indoor seating area or the outdoor amphitheater. The second floor houses a game room, quiet lounge, the textbook portion of the bookstore, and the Wellness and Group Fitness Center. The third floor is home to more private functions: the commuter lounge, student government offices, and the Board of Visitors' Conference Suite overlooking a reflecting pool and fountains.

Godwin Hal''s services include the mail center, disability services, student ID center, admissions, enrollment, financial aid, registrar, the Vice President's Suite, Veterans' Affairs, student and academic support, counseling, career services, and Upward Bound.