The Virginia Building
CLIENT: Marathon Development
Norfolk, Virginia

The Virginia Building began life in 1903 as the Virginia Club. First constructed as a social club, the building became a Salvation Army servicemen housing facility in 1918 and a USO building in 1941. Just prior to this renovation/rehabilitation, the building housed office space on upper floors and a hair salon and bar on the ground floor. The building’s exterior had undergone a number of alterations over the years, most of them modern and anachronistic. The majority of the interior had been modernized with office build outs. The Virginia Buildings’ distinctive features, charm, and elegance were diminished, obscured, or otherwise obliterated. The building’s new lease on life began in 2014 when the new owner began a project that renovated and restored the existing building. Thirty-three new apartment units with ten different floor plans were created, the ground floor was updated to current code for retail tenants, and the interior and exterior were restored.