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Founded in 1995 in the historic Freemason District of Norfolk, Virginia, Tymoff+Moss Architects is dedicated to designing projects that bring value, promote liveliness, and elevate the places where we work and live. Every day—in interactions both large and small, from the mundane to the truly extraordinary—we experience the built environment. We believe in the power of architecture to shape that experience.

Our studio’s home is a 1930s building that began its life as an Amoco service station and has seen many uses in its near-century of use. Everything from the desks and tables we sit at to our storefront windows to the steel-and-maple front desk was custom-made by our staff and local craftspeople.

The firm was founded by John Tymoff and Barry Moss with an open studio concept that fosters a collaborative design effort that’s key to our process. This continues today with newest partners Todd Savage and Michael Schnekser.

Every project has the potential to be great.

The opportunity to elevate construction to architecture exists at every moment of the process and at every scale. The most ingenious concept or inspired napkin-sketch will be unrealized or lost by poor detailing or lack of attention during construction. Our enthusiasm and love for the craft of construction leads us to be very hands-on throughout the process and deeply invested in the quality of the end results. Our work has given us the opportunity to learn continually, find creative solutions to complex problems, and practice the art of construction through design. We don’t just know how to design buildings and their interiors—we also know how to build them.

And we love doing it.


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