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Bishopsgate Residence

Virginia Beach, Virginia

This private residence was designed for the CEO of an international business.

It is located on a densely wooded, three-acre site and offers 220-degree panoramic views of the Lynnhaven River.

The concept was to take advantage of all of the views of the river but to reduce the focus on five specific views: one for each of the main spaces in the house.

These five major spaces were separated by radial walls, framing each distinct view.

The house was divided into two halves: a public side, for entertaining, and a private side, for family living.  This was emphasized by separating the two “sides” with a continuous field stone wall that bisects the entire house.  The wall extends to beyond the front of the house, acting as a welcoming plane for those entering the house.

Multiple levels allowed for the “burying” of a three car garage, to obscure its presence, and to offer a change of interior floor elevations, as one moves through the house.

Materials were selected to blend into the landscape: Natural field stone, gray brick, and glass frames colored to match the trees.  The framing pattern of the glass overlooking the water was based on vertical tree trunks, with random horizontal members representing branches.


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