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The Landmark Center | ForKids Headquarters

Chesapeake, Virginia

This “Swiss Army knife” of a building needed to fit its multiple disparate functions under one roof, in an emerging urban corridor, and within the neighborhood despite its size.

The mixed-use headquarters for ForKids was designed to support the non-profit’s goal of ending family homelessness. The trauma-informed design creates a calm and welcoming environment for families going through difficult times: natural materials; soft, natural lighting; and avoidance of an “institutional” feel.

Along with spaces to accommodate the administrative work of the ForKids staff, the building includes facilities to help stabilize and get families back on their feet: temporary, emergency housing with 135 beds; a pantry; a commercial kitchen and dining area; warehouse space for a thrift store operated by ForKids; intake offices; storage spaces; records room; and a state-of-the-art education center that includes classrooms, a STEM lab, maker spaces, and tutoring rooms.


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