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INIT North American Headquarters

Chesapeake, Virginia

This 70,000-SF building is divided by the three needs of its 70 employees: office/administration; lab/production; and warehouse space. INIT produces specialized electronics for mass transportation.

The 20,000-SF in office areas of the new facility are bright, airy, and colorful with an open-office plan and high ceilings. Large break rooms, mobile works stations, and classroom style meeting and training rooms provide opportunities for collaboration and casual gatherings. “The Hub” includes comfortable lounges, a kitchen area, and an adjoining outdoor patio. It has become a gathering place for both the office workers and the technicians in the lab and warehouse.

The 30,000-SF warehouse has four entrances: Two at grade level and two with loading dock height and dock levelers. The lab/production area is 20,000-SF and also includes locker rooms and production manager offices. The ground floor also includes a fitness center for all employees.


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