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Jordan-Newby Anchor Branch Library

Norfolk, Virginia

New 28,000 SF, two-story building in Norfolk. The Jordan-Newby Library at Broad Creek includes administration offices; lobby, adult, young adult, and children’s collections areas; computer lab; meeting rooms; program room; display areas; study rooms; lounge; support spaces; and second-floor balcony with seating.

 The library design is open and inviting, offering a civic space that can be filled with the activity. The building offers as much transparency to the outside as possible so that the liveliness within is visible from the street.

The main structure is a quietly detailed metal box, preferring to let the masonry wall and glass lantern be the stars of the show. The large glass lantern is immediately understood as the primary element and logical entry point. It is large, open, and airy, providing daylight and a sense of connection to the outdoors even from deep inside the building.


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