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NATO Tower and Hill | Norfolk Botanical Garden

Norfolk, VA

The NATO Tower at the Norfolk Botanical Garden was built in the
early 1960s and named for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
headquartered nearby. The tower and the hill it’s set on have always
been a big draw at the garden, offering a bird’s-eye view of the
gardens that were created in 1938 and continue to grow and evolve

The hill and tower were greatly deteriorating after decades of use
and exposure. The project included the complete rehabilitation of
the NATO Tower and re-building of its supporting hill. The NATO
Tower scope included structural repairs; repair and replacement of
wood decking; replacement of the stairs; painting; and upgraded
electrical distribution and lighting. The hill was stabilized, rebuilt and
reinforced with a paneled gabion wall. The steps and a ramp made
access to the top of the hill ADA compliant.

TMA worked through a number of different retaining-wall structural
and logistical systems with the contractor to select one that met the
budgetary, scheduling, and architectural goals of the client.


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